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This page is a collection of top websites that I have been given by various people.

I will be constantly be updating this page (hopefully) as new websites come in. Please Email me with any websites you feel are very good and list what the website is about. 

Hope you find something interesting.

 Buying Online
DVD Box Office Great exchange rate and free delivery
CD Wow Lowest Uk prices I can find, around £8.99 per CD.
DABS Sells very cheap hardware for PC's
Price Watch Price watch on PC Hardware
Reseller ratings User submitted ratings of online stores
Checkaprice find the cheapest prices in the UK for products.

 Web Design
Web master base Webmaster resource site.
IRT Helpful site for Javascript coding.
HTML Primer Tutorials on HTML and Hyper text
Bare Bones Another good Tutorial site
Brainjar This site is all about web development and programming.
3D Cafe Great resource for 3D modeling, textures etc.
Phong Really good Photoshop Tutorial site for web graphics
Add Me Adds your web page to the top browsers.
Website Provider Lists lots of free hosting sites
100 Best Websites Top 100 free hosting sites
Elmo Lists all Hex Colors.
A1 javascripts Good tutorial site for Javascript
HostedScripts Allows you to load CGi pages for site

 Search engines
Google Seems to be one of the best
Google Images As Above but you search for images.
Free Answers Eliminates the crap, just gives you what you asked for.