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Archive: 02/05/2002 - 10/10/2002    
      Site Update
Date: 11/12/2003 

Took a while for me to get round to updating the site. So whats happened recently you ask, well maybe you dont but I will tell you anyway. :-)

Been Playing a bit of Enemy Territory and now have got pretty good. I have updated my games page here with some pictures of some of my games. Tend to forget to copy the image from the clipboard into paint when I take a screenshot but it still something I can look back on I suppose.

Also I have finally got round to posting the pictures I took at the LAMM 2003 which you can find here. Unfortunately I didnt manage to get any from the 2003 Sheffield Marathon :-(

Off work ill yesterday and still feeling under the weather, forgot I edited this site before christmas, just forgot to upload.

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       Sheffield Marathon 2003 & LAMM 2003
Date: 16/06/2003 

Completed both the Sheffield Marathon and the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon.

The sheffield marathon was done a few weeks ago on June 1st. I didnt do as well as last year
:-( this could have been due to the hot weather that we had on the day. I really hit a block at 10 miles and sort of let it go. Still I managed to finish 479th in a time of 1:43:20s hopefully I will do better again next year. See the Sheffield Marathons main page here with the full results.

As for the Lowe Alpine...Well that was really hard. I thought last year was bad but this was even worse. The weather was really nice but you dont really want that type of weather when your running with a back pack on. Myself and my team mate (uncle) came in a respectable 72nd on the D course. This wasnt too bad to say I could hardly walk nevermind run the last half of the second day. See the full results here and the LAMMS main website here.

My profile page will be updated when I get some pictures from the Sheffield Marathon and Lowe Alpine.

See the main page here.

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       Best Game Scores
Date: 16/06/2003 

I have always thought about doing a section of games I play online and post the results here on my website but I never seemed to get round to it until now. I havent really got many games to show but they are games I have done pretty well it and its always nice to look back and remember owning peoples asses in game :-)

Battlefield 1942 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory are the two so far.

See the main page here.

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       New Fish Tank
Date: 08/06/2003 

CTF-Coret2k3 is on hold at the moment, should start work again soon.

Recently purchased a new fish tank and havent really had the time to update the page until now.
Find the new tank here

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 - Coret2k3 update
Date: 18/05/2003 

Yes its here!! The first Beta release of my map.

Its taken a long time to get here but finally I have quite a solid build to release.

Check out the CTF-Coret2k3 Page here for more details. I have updated all the screenshots as I doubt the look will change a great deal now. The ones that do I can change easily anyhow.

Thanks to Willhaven mostly for optimizing the map and giving me suggestions and feedback. Also a big thanks to Pand@ra for hosting the file for me.

More thanks will come when I release the map so dont worry if I havent mentioned you ;-)

Download the file CTF-Coret2k3Beta1C File size is just over 8mb. You will need the Epic Bonus Pack for it to work.

I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on the beta by emailing me Here.

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       Updated all pictures on CTF-Coret2k3
Date: 02/05/2003 

Just another small update to let you know how the map is coming along.

I am touching up most of the map now for an alpha release. I have only the lower middle section to do completely which souldnt take long and a few bits here and there.
I have redone quite a few rooms now and more will be added as feedback comes in from the Alpha.

Anyhow, here are a couple fo reworked screenshots of the Rocket Launcher Room. This is about 95% Complete.

Date: 17/04/2003
I will only add the screenshots to the main CTF-Coret page when I have the first beta, all the bits will go on the mainpage here for the time being.

Another small update.

Good news, The GOAT is gonna help me out with the map now. This means I can spend all my time designing which should get the map out quicker. Even more good news, Willhaven the guy who worked on CTF-Deck16]I[ with me back in the UT days said he will give it the polish treatment. If you havent seen any of Wills work your missing out.

So heres what I worked on last night, couple of screenies.

Date: 10/04/2003
Well, its been a long time but I have started work again on Coret. I think I will have a bit of spare time for a few weeks, so I amn going to try to get some sort of beta out in that time for people to test.

Here are a few quick screenshots I have taken of the flag room I am currently working on. Lighting, textures and the ceiling all need doing, plus a few more bits and pices but its coming on ok.

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       Updated all pictures on CTF-Coret2k3
Date: 25/01/2003 

Only a small update as I havent done much on Coret recently. I am hoping to start work again soon when the Bonus pack comes out. This should give me more options for textures and static meshes.

Until then I have two small updated pictures here.

Date: 14/12/2002 - Updated all pictures on CTF-Coret2k3 (Quick update).

Thought I would stick to adding bits here as its too much like hard work having to add new sections everytime I update this :-)

So, I have managed to move further forward in the areas I had worked on and also add a couple of new ones. I have taken a break this week as Ued was taking way too much of my time up. Gives me chance to play a bit of Battlefield 1942 and refresh myself, then hopefully next week I should be able to crack on again.

I have also decided to just update the pictures in my UT2003 section instead of keeping the old ones. Takes too much space up and I only have 25MB to play with :-( cant complain as its free.

You know the routine by now, go to my UT section by use of the drop downs or go here to see all the updated pictures.

Date: 23/11/2002 - Static mesh help on CTF-Coret2k3 (Quick update).

Just thought I would thank Gradient on the INA forums for helping me get the Static Meshes I need for the map. I needed some of the meshes editing and he came up with the goods.

Full credits will be going to him in the readme, hopefully he will be able to edit some textures for me too ;-)

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 - Coret2k3 update
Date: 16/11/2002 

News and picture update for my up and coming map CTF-Coret2k3

Go to my UT section in the drop down menus to find out more.

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 - New Coret map started
Date: 27/10/2002 

Took me a little while to find my feet again in the editor but its coming back to me slowly :-)

I decided to remake CTF-Coret from the original as I really liked it. Maybe because it was in the demo, who knows?

Go to my UT section in the drop down menus to find out more.

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 pages up and running
Date: 10/10/2002 

Finally got back into mapping now I have Unreal Tournament 2003. After being away from the scene for over 1 1/2 years its a little daunting trying to use the editor again, but I am sure I will pick it up again after a while.

UT2K3 pages are now up with Unreal Editor tutorials and Bombing run hints/tips, take a look here.

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