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Archive: 16/07/2001 - 26/10/2000    
       UT Update - New Model
Date: 16/07/2001 
  Well I had resided myself to no more UT stuff, but upon reading the GTF UT Forum I saw a fellow UT'er in need of help with hosting his model. Catch more on the UT Page.

Manga dead spawn


       Fame at last!
Date: 04/06/2001 
  That is if you class appearing on the front page of the local newspaper then yeah I suppose I am :-). Even though I am a mere speck in a whole crowd of people. Managed to get the colour copy so I have posted it here.

Click for more info
Click for more info


       General Update
Date: 16/05/2001 
  Well I have been busy the last few months training for my local marathon. Havent really ran in one since I was a nipper back in 87. I had a time of around 1hr 57mins for the half back then and I wanted to beat it this time around. Which I did 1hr 40mins, and that was with a pulled calf muscle and a bust vein in my ankle (which i did 3 days before :-( ).

Yes it was agony from start to finish but I managed it, heres a piccy to prove it.

Finish of 2001 Sheffield Marathon 
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My position was 460th out of over 1750 runners.
Time: 1hr 40mins 40 seconds

I haven't been able to run since (2 weeks now) due to my ankle still giving me grief but I should start training again soon. 
Congrats go to my m8 Oli too who finished. More training next time bud eh? ;-)

Note the serious running gear ;- DLR T-shirt and pocketed surf shorts ;-)

       General Update
Date: 15/04/2001 
  Been some time since I last updated. Moved into my new house now :-) and finally set up my office.  I have sent all maps now off to Nali City, this will be my last update for UT mapping :-( I have enjoyed myself and have spent many hours working on different projects but I have to move on as its nearly over a year since I started.

On a few UT notes check out my UTPage for updates on CTF4 and other bits n bobs.

I may put up a few new pages on things I am currently playing on. Recently got Black and White and my creature is coming on fine, but I have decided to start again fresh with the Lion. I may pop a few pics up and articles of important things I come across.
The next game is Tribes2, my views are mixed on this as I have quite a powerfull PC and its the first game I have had that I cant run at 1024x768, also I have had to turn allot of the detail down to achieve playable frame rates online.

Keep it posted more to come.......

       Website Redesign
Date: 10/02/2001 
  Decided to update the site by removing most of the images for a quicker load time and also to give it a better look. You should see the site change within the next few weeks, I will be introducing a Flash site as well. All being well I should be sending CTF-FacingRedDwarf][ and CTF-ArcaneTemple to nalicity :-)  
       Nalicity massive update
Date: 10/12/2000 
  Just uploaded all my CTF4 and Conquest maps to Nalicity, here's a small snippet of what they said;- "Today's CTF4 maps are the best ones you can find - Red Dwarf has converted these well-known CTF maps and having played most of them I do know that they are great for CTF4 gameplay even if they are only conversions ;)"

Nuff said! ;-) All my links have now been updated to include the Nalicity Links

       Baldurs Gate II characters
Date: 01/11/2000 
  Finished Baldurs Gate][ now, this game is friggin huge. Anyhow, I have saved my character and he has some pretty decent items, etc. Download from here or grab it in my Stuff list.  
       Map Updates
Date: 26/10/2000 
  I haven't really had chance to release any of my maps that I have done recently, thats for CTF4 and CNQ mods along with my Face][ conversion. So I have decided to finish them all off and release them all. This is gonna be a massive job as I only have a 56k modem and there are around 8 maps to release. Saying that I am going to have to send them all to my site as well so gawd help me :-)

I have also updated the UT page with a new map CTF4-Gazpacho, go there to read about it.

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