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Archive: 03/10/2000 - 06/02/2000    
       UT Page Updated: CNQ-Highspeed
Date: 03/10/2000 

Couldn't be bothered to redo another update so I will just add it here. 
Had to do a little more updating to CNQ-Highspeed so I decided to put in allot more zone infos too :-)


CNQ-Highspeed now finished, also had to modify a few things in CNQ-Overlord so both are ready to send to Nalicity.

I have also added a Bot tutorial on the Conquest mod which can be seen here. 

       Icewind Dale Characters
Date: 16/09/2000 

finished IceWind Dale now, the characters are really good so if anyone wants them they are more than welcome to DL them from the STUFF page I have now added. They also have good items and weapons.

       UT Page Updated: DOM-Overlord
Date: 16/09/2000 

Decided to only update the UT page when something new happens, having to do two pages with the same thing :-( Check out the UT Page for info.

       CTF FaceRedDwarf][ & CTF4-Face][ started and Finished:
Date: 30/06/2000 

Started of as another project for CTF4 and decided to try to improve it. Check out my UT page and DL it to see if you think I have.

Dinwitty has worked on the paths for Command, again I must thank him as this I dont think this map would have been done any time soon due to work. Thanks m8 ;-)

       CTF4 Face started and Finished:
Date: 26/06/2000 

Well what do you know :-) started to mess around with face and decided to have a go at doing the map. It hasnt really took long as the map is quite basic, the hardest part was the floor trying to build it without creating all the HOMs.

Goto my UT page to find out more and see the map.

       CTF4 maps nearly completed: 
Date: 21/06/2000 

Its been a long time since the last update but I am back with good news :-) I have recently started working on a few map conversions for the excellent Mod's CTF4 and CTF+. To see some screenies and generally read more about it goto my UT page.

check out uncommons CTF4 site here
check out Dinwitties CTF+ site here

Uncommon has just put up a new build :-) 1.0b1 which has some new features in. 

       New Page Section
Date: 28/04/2000 

Added a few new pages to my site, first is a new UT page called Work in progress. This basically shows the current project I am working on and its different stages of development.
Second page is Funnies, this I created as I am receiving quite a few funny pictures from different people (mainly Oli, get some work done :-) ). Had to leave out the really bad ones though ;-).

       Updated Top UT Page
Date: 17/04/2000 

Added some new games into the page,  I have been away for so long and havent had chance to play recently due to me going to Holland and USA for work. I have started work on CTF-Sesmar again although only for a short space of time, I think it will be some time before this gets finished due to the amount of work I have on at the moment :-(

       New Page Section
Date: 16/03/2000 

Added a new section in my UT page called Red Dwarf's Top UT Games. These are just some screenshots at the end of games that have rocked. Some are because I totally rocked on the level and others just because it was a laugh and I was frag bait :-)

       Site Update
Date: 15/03/2000 

I have completely changed  the site to a new look, this now I feel is a lot easier to navigate and also looks neater. I will continue to add and improve the site as I learn more with Frontpage.

       DOM-Deck16]I[ Fixed
Date: 14/03/2000 

DOM-Deck16]I[ had a few online problems with the CP's Disappearing, so I fixed this and have posted to Nalicity today so hopefully it will be up on servers soon. NaliCity have reviewed CTF-Deck16]I[ along with others check them out on my UTpage.

       DOM-Deck16]I[ Complete
Date: 02/03/2000 

Finally Finished DOM-Deck16]I[ and released it to UTCenter, Nalicity and Unreality so I hope to see it up soon. For the mean time I will put a link on the page so you can DL it direct.

       New Project: DOM-Deck16]I[
Date: 14/02/2000 

I have completely changed  the site to a new look, this now I feel is a lot easier to navigate and also looks neater. I will continue to add and improve the site as I learn more with Frontpage.

       New Section: UT Page
Date: 06/02/2000 

Added new UT Page section with maps, links and other stuff.

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