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Ued3 Tutorial page
- 10/10/2002
Bombing Run hints/tips - 22/09/2002


Welcome to my new UT2k3/4 page. Like my UT page this will be dedicated to mapping through to general hints and tips regarding UT2k3/4. I hope you find the hints and tips section helpful, please submit any ideas, hints and tips you have to me here. (All submitted will be credited.)


       Unreal Tournament 2003/4 - Coret Classic Map Page
Date: 14/12/2002 

Decided to update all the pictures I had here on Coret as they have changed a bit. Also I have created a new page for my UT2k3/4 maps...well Coret Classic, that's it so far :-) Still in its early Alpha stages but there is a progress chart to see how things are coming along.

You will find the new page here

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 - Coret2k3/4 picture update
Date: 16/11/2002 

Done a few more rooms now, well 2 to be exact and they aren't even finished :-/
Anyhow, I have decided to put just enough in the room and light it very basically to get an idea of where its going.

I think so far the map is looking ok, but its taking a hell of a lot of my time up (he says sitting in front of his computer on a Saturday morning mapping, when he should be doing other things)
I ripped my chest muscle at the gym on Thursday this week, and it looks as though I will be out for a few weeks so that should give me a few hours extra a night I suppose :-/

Some of the pictures may look dark, that's due to the room being dark ;-) Like I said its in a very basic stage but half of the map may be up for testing soon. I have had allot of interest over this map and have had quite a few emails. So hopefully the testing will go well even in the alpha stage.

Just done a little bit of optimizing to see how many FPS I can get and just doing 50% of the room made a hell of a difference. The only slowdown so far is the large smoke that pours out of the grate. This I will either move or make the steam less frequent.

If your interested in testing this map for me just drop me an email and as soon as anything becomes available I will let you know.

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       Unreal Tournament 2003 - New Coret map started
Date: 26/10/2002 

I thought I would leave posting any news here until I had at least some screenshots to show. I now have at least a few rooms/corridors in an alpha stage. I think for a first dip back into the oceans of editing Coret is quite a handful as it has allot to it. I like a bit of a challenge though :-/

I am trying to keep the same layout or a similar one but adding my own bits in as well. The theme for the upper and lower corridors are now sort of done.

Choosing the right meshes and getting the layout similar is proving to be a real bind. A single room or bit of corridor can take up to a week :-(

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       Ued3 Tutorials

New section "Unreal Editor Tutorials" page added.

The new page contains two tutorials, one by Willhaven on Static mesh's and the other by me on converting maps from UT to UT2k3.

Click here to view the page.

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       Bombing Run Hints/Tips
Date: 22/09/2002 

The demo is now here and it seems there is a new contender for the best mod...up steps Bombing Run.

Since the demo has been released I have played nothing but this mod. This doesnt distract from CTF being a great mod, actually it plays really well in UT2k3, but BR (Bombing Run) seems to have that little bit more umpf.

I will be mapping for CTF later this year but first I feel the need to get a few BR maps out of the way. I have a few ideas that I am jotting down for when the development pack arrives so keep it here.

This new hints and tips section (so far) will only be for Bombing Run as its a new mod and people still dont know exactly how to play this. These questions hopefully will be answered here.

Lets first start off by saying I am no expert on this yet. I have played a few games and am still experimenting and learning, although I do tend to be in the top two :). I dont tend to score many goals as I like to clear the way for the ball carrier.

Hopefully this section will help you understand the different tactics involved in playing. Anyhow enough of wasting space here, proceed to the Bombing Run Hints and Tips page.



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