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       UT2003 - Ued2 - Ued3 map converting - by Red Dwarf

I was damned if I was going to import every single bloody brush from, ued2 to ued3 so I tried playing around to see if I could suss a way out.

I found you can import the whole map, textures and lighting.

The trouble was that the brushes were unaligned. The map gave errors and when you rebuilt the map the wireframe brushes showed something completely different to what was actually cut out. Even if you rotated the wireframe brush, copied to a polygon and re subtracted it would still be (for example) 90 degrees to what it showed with the wireframe brush.

So, after Will gave a few good ideas I managed to find the best and easiest way to redo a level.

Unreal Editor 2

First, delete mostly all the brushes that are in the level apart from the main subtracted and solid brushes. Theres no point taking all the fancy small brushes across as your likely to use static meshes for the eye candy anyhow.

All you should have now is the basic shell of the level, a good platform to build on in Ued3

Select three base textures. One for the floor, one for the ceiling and one for the walls. You shouldnt really want to use these textures for the map in Ued3, but it does make it very easy to put the UED3's base textures to the map when in Ued3. Place the relevant textures to the relevant sides of map by selecting all floor surfaces, wall surfaces etc. Then rebuild map just to be safe.

Select all lights and all brushes and copy them.

Create a new level and paste them back in. (DO NOT rebuild as this will cause problems in Ued3).

Now the most important part if you want the brushes to be 90% acurate when opening the map in Ued3. Select all the brushes and Transform>permanently.

Save the map.

Go into your UT/texture directory and select the utx file with the textures you applied to the map and copy them into the UT2003/textures directory.


Now open the map you just saved. You should find that it opens the map fine (it may give you a few errors on brush textures, etc but nothing to worry about)

Again, just to be safe highlight all the brushes and Transform>permanently.

It is then best if you want to scale correctly to keep the brushes highlighted and goto Tools>Scale map. I used 1.5 which (I think I saw mentioned was the correct scaling to use) would be the best scale to use.

Then rebuild the level.

You should find that only a few brushes may need aligning or scaling.

Its then very easy to apply new wall, ceiling and floor textures to the whole of the map, instead of having one texture for all surfaces as you would have had.

Stick a player start rebuild the map fully and off you go testing.

Be aware that if you dont delete all references to the textures that the map used in Ued2 you could have problems when you let other people run the map. It will try looking for the texture UTX file and wont be able to find it.

You should see if there are any problems when you delete the texture file you copied across from UT to UT2003 when you rebuild the map and it gives you the report.


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