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Static Mesh - 10/10/2002
Ued2 - Ued3 Map conversion - 10/10/2002








After 1 1/2 years of neglect, Unreal Editor has finally made it back onto my machine. The release of UT2003 has kicked my passion back into life, although I have massive hurdles ahead of me (One being that I cant remember jack about mapping), its going to take allot of basic playing and testing before I remember half of the things I used to :-(.

I have decided, to get myself back into the swing of things by doing a conversion of a UT map. I didnt want to step on the Face and Deck16 bandwagon as I am sure you will see hundreds of variations released over the next few months on these maps. No, I wanted to start with a classic...Coret will be my first map. Although I feel it may be a little ambitious for my first attempt as its rather a large map and will take some time before anything is up and running, but hey, thats life :-(

So I have decided to write a small tutorial to enable you quick conversions without the bind of having to rebuild the lot from scratch.

Ued2 to Ued3 map conversion tutorial

Still on the subjects of tutorials for Ued3, Willhaven posted a static mesh tutorial for Unreal Editor 3 over at the Tcom forums. Instead of letting it die, I thought I would quickly convert it to my site so others will be able to read and use it. Cheers Will :-)

Static Mesh Tutorial

I will start a new section with my new maps in when I am up and running.

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