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Released Stage: 31/04/2004

Finally I have managed to complete what I think is a decent 2k4 version of the original which I loved so much. This was mainly due to the fact that it was the first ever map I played in an online game.

Why has it taken so long?? Well, to start off with I hadnt mapped for a while and it took me some time to get back into the editor. Secondly, due to the fact that I try to get things looking 100% at point of creation. This I should have left till last but thats just how I work I suppose. Thirdly, I lost interest and started playing a few other games :-).

I have had lots of feedback through out the time I have worked on this map and I have tried to get as near to what most people wanted as possible. There will be people that dont like what I have done to the middle, etc. This was never going to be a straight port as so many poor conversions are. I wanted this to really feel as though the map had moved on along with the engine. Yes there are lots of static meshes, but I dont think this loses the flow of the map due to the ammount of blockers I have used.

And so it comes round to my thank you list.

I will start off by apologizing for people that I dont mention. As you can understand there has been a period of about a year when I did nothing to this map. Alot of the people who tested and gave feedback for the initial run may have been forgotton, sorry :(
Main creds to Gradient for helping with the static meshes and some of the textures, cheers. Willhaven who yet again gave great feedback and optimized bits.
Oli for initially testing and Gav for the finishing testing.
Everyone at Tcom, Atari, Pro Unreal and Beyond Unreal forums for their support and feedback.

Scroll down and click on the download.

I hope you enjoy playing it! :)


Beta Stage: 18/05/2003

I decided to take a few months out as I was loosing interest in mapping. I managed to get in the top 5 for 3 months at Battlefield 1942. This was mainly down to my new found skill at piloting. Check out my ranking here over at BFtracks.

I have had a few clan members testing and giving me feedback over the past few months. I wanted to keep the flow the same as Coret but have it upgraded to work with UT2k3. I think I have managed that now, plus the new middle areas have really opened the map up for more intense battles and even some z-axis fun.

Over the last week I have worked as much as possible to bring it up to quite a polished beta for everyone to test. Hopefully it shouldnt be too long to the final release, but this wont happen until I am happy that everything works and no bugs are left.



Apha Stage: 25/01/2003

This was going to be a mess around for me to get back into mapping, but it sort of ended up as a main project. At the time of writing this I have been working on it mostly all of my spare time for 2 months +.

So far there seems allot of interest in this which I am pleased about as its always nice for people to compliment you on your work. It makes it that much easier to do hour after hour of editing knowing that people will be playing your map and enjoying it.

A big thank you so far to all the people who have emailed me and posted nice comments on the various forums I frequent.

At the moment I would say that the map is around 25% complete. Thats not all bad as once I get to 50% I just rotate what I have done for the other base. So in effect I am about half done :-/ hope thats as clear to you as it is to me.. :-) I will base the progress report on how much I have done so far without rotating.



Download File: CTF-CoretClassic
Beta Size: kb
Date Started: 12/11/2002
Beta released: 18/05/2003
Final released: 31/04/2004
Readme: CTF-CoretClassic.txt






Flag Room Flak Room Flak Room
Corridor to Rocket Launcher Lower Corridor Lower Corridor
Lower Corridor Lower Corridor MiniGun Corridor
Lower Corridor to Flak Room Health Corridor Corridor to Damage Amp
Middle Shield Area Middle Area Middle Area Energy Beam
Damage Amp Room Health Vial Room Rocket Launcher Room
Shield Room To Flag Room Top Corridor
  Top Corridor at Flag