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 Bombing Run hints/tips

This section is split up into separate parts to make it easy to follow the position you will be trying to adopt on your team. Whether it be the ball carrier, ball cover, goal keeper, team clearer, etc. you should have a section devoted for you here.

The BR section is based around the map BR-Anubis, but should can be applied to most BR maps. As my experience grows and more submissions arrive (hopefully) you should see quite a detailed layout for you to follow.

Please send all submissions of hints and tips here

Here are the list of options that you can select from so far.


General Tips
Key Binds
Advanced Tips

Hope it helps to improve your playing skills.

Thanks to my friend Slot1 for helping out with the screenshots :)

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If this is your first trip to the world of Unreal then prepare to be hooked! Unreal Tournament was the first real installment of online playing in this series and set the milestone for UT2k3. The gameplay is still roughly the same, but the bad points have been ironed out in UT2k3 over UT.


This is the only way to achieve greatness in this or any game. If you don't have the patience to keep trying you will never climb the ladder to godlike.

I will keep this first section brief as there are 101 sites out there that have the same information regarding basics that I will tell you.

These are just a few of my pointers.

1) Make sure you know the key layout.

Change the keys so you are comfortable with them. Also make the best weapons easily selectable, so keep the keys close to the movement as you don't want to be moving your hands all over the keyboard in the heat of battle. Once you have set the keys to your liking, REMEMBER THEM!!

My main key layout settings are simple;-

Cursor Keys = Movement
Ctrl = Select best weapon
Shift = Translocator
Num 0 = Shield Gun

This is only an example of how to keep keys simple and easy to get to, you don't need to follow this setup for it to work for you.

These are really the only keys I use in the game often, apart from the key bind voice commands which I will get to later. This makes it easy for me to remember what each one does and makes it easy to switch between them. I have other keys setup on the keyboard but I don't tend to use these half as much.
In the days of UT, I used to have the Flak Cannon on my Enter key and the Rocket launcher bound to Shift. I find it easier to have Ctrl set to best weapon as I only tend to specialize in a few.

2) Practice translocating.

Get used to the new translocator, this is a fast way to the goal and a great way of escaping multiple enemies. Practice in a map without any bots to get used to how it feels, don't throw yourself into online play straight away as all you will do is make yourself an easy target for more advanced players.

You have 5 charges which take time to recharge. It is important that you don't translocate rapidly as in UT as you now have only 5 charges and this will deplete this charge rapidly. If you use all 5 and then you need to get to a spot you will be stuck until it recharges so use it wisely.

One thing that is important is movement, I see so many people stop when translocating. As the translocator is in the air they are still stuck to the spot. This makes you a very easy target to hit so keep moving, dodge and jump until you see the translocator land at its destination. Be wary though as advanced players will shoot at your translocator when its landed which will cause you problems when you translocate.

Use the translocator to get to ammo quickly. You will see in the later sections on defending and attacking the different things you can do with the translocator to win or save a goal.

New to UT2k3 is the spy cam on the translocator. When you fire the translocator you can hit the translocator key again to turn it into a camera. You can still move around even when you are looking through the camera. This can be very effective when placed in positions of attack and when you are defending. Again I will talk more on this later so get practicing!

3) Learn the weapons

One downfall is to only use one weapon. Although this can be good as you will become proficient at using this weapon, although it can cause problems when you run out of ammo and have to revert to another weapon your not familiar with.

Work out the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. For example the Goo Gun is excellent for defending as you can spray all over the floor into the oncoming attacker. The shock Rifle is also great for defenders blasting huge areas dominating corridors. The rocket launcher is an effective attacking weapon which is fast but tends to take a few rockets to kill an enemy so you are very vulnerable for that time.

The Rocket Launcher - Weapon of the elite?

Another good tip is to prioritise your weapons into your favorites at the top and your least favorite at the bottom. That way you can hit one key to select your favorite weapon. Once that runs out it will select the next down in the table.

4) Dodge and Double Jump

New to UT2k3 is the double jump, a great way to avoid a rocket that's aimed at your feet. In UT all you could do was land in the spot the rockets are aimed at. Now you can hit jump again at the top of your first jump clearing the area where the rockets have been aimed. Also great for getting to places you cant reach with the single jump.

Another good movement is the dodge. This is not new to UT2K3 although there are many variations that can be performed with Double jumping now. This isn't as easy to master as double jumping in my opinion. This does set the men from the boys though, if used correctly you will be a very hard target to hit. Double tapping a direction can make you travel great distances if combined correctly with the jump.

5) Never stop moving

Unless you are a sniper keep moving. A static target is an easy target to hit. When your running or translocating (as highlighted in 2) keep dodging and double jumping. If someone appears behind you and you don't turn around often, you will be an easy target if you are standing still or running in a straight line. If you dodge and double jump all the time the likelihood of a rocket zipping past you will be greater. This will then draw your attention to the fact the next one may hit you up the a$$, it also lets you know that someone is trailing you.


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