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2) Defensive Weapons continued.

Using the Shield Gun for defending

Used as a last ditch attempt by the goalie to block a 3 pointer or to knock the attacker out of the goal path and into the lasers when he attempts a 7 pointer.

When you have no more ammo and all other options have dried up, the shield gun is without a doubt the most effective weapon to stop a sure goal. This by no means is an easy weapon or task to perform. In fact out of all the weapon it is the hardest on to do correctly and effectively when trying to block or disable a ball carrier.

First, have your shield Gun bound to a key which is easy to access. First you need to get near to the ball carrier if he is ahead of you so use your translocator to get either directly behind him or infront of him.

Now comes the tricky part. Change to your shield gun and start powering up the primary fire. You will see a bar increasing the longer you hold this down. The more the bar maximises the greater the damge you will inflict. Normally though you only have time to charge up a little if he is about to jump so dont go holding down too long and missing your opportunity.

If you are in front of him be warned the ball carrier will be able to see you and will know what you are about to try. Its easy enough to track backwards firing charges with your shield gun only for the attacker to stop or side step and for you to end up in the lasers. You will tend to find that most attackers will then go for the 3 pointer, so quickly change to the secondary fire up and stop the ball with the shield.

The best bet is to hit him quickly from the side or behind. Its not impossible to get out of falling into the lasers once you hit him but it isnt easy either.




Using the Link Gun for defending

This is a great weapon to have when one or more of you are defending. The new feature of linking to gain more fire power is awesome, although used very little in games. I wouldnt recommend using the secondary fire though unless you know the other defender will charge you up as it would take allot to kill the attacker.

Use the primary fire to clear a path very quickly, the damage that this gives is huge when hitting constantly. This in an open fight isnt much use as the projectiles are slow enough for a good player to dodge. At some stage or other the attackers have to get down the corridor (unless they xloc behind you) this means a small space for you to concentrate your primary fire.


Defensive Weapon Conclusion

If you cant be arsed to read all that has gone before, then here is a short breakdown of it all.

Shock Rifle
Takes practice to use correctly (especially when moving) but has one of the best impacts when defending. Combo the goal when the ball carrier is near to frag or knock him off course. Combo the entrances for easy kills.

Goo Gun
Bombard the entrance as the ball carrier is running to make it difficult for him to avoid taking damage. Alt fire to full charge and release to get a higher chance of fragging him.

Lightning Gun
Great for distance kills, especially in the main hall when hiding. Dont forget when you shoot it will give away your position.



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