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2) Defensive Weapons continued.

Using the Translocator for defending

Yes, the translocator is a great weapon for defending and the extra feature of a spycam makes it even better. Telefragging is a great way to stop an attacker on the spot. Telefragging is when you teleport to your translocator when an opponent if over the top or near your translocator.

This can be used very effectively when you are not defending and need to get back in a hurry. Dont forget when you go into spy mode (hit the translocator key again) you can still move around. Dont look through your spycam and stand still as you will be an easy target find somewhere to hide. If you are going to defend using the lightning gun (for example) you could place your translocator at the jaws of the goal corridor. This will give you a great chance sniping the ball carrier but if you miss you can then swap to the translocator spycam, wait until the attacker is over then translocate.

Spycam View
Switch to your spycam view and wait till he gets close.

Not on top but very near
Although the ball carrier isnt over the top he is near. Translocator marked with red circle.

Translocate to the spot and telefrag the ball carrier. You then have the ball.

Doing this takes practice, especially as the ball carrier will be dodging and double jumping. Also if you have your teammates chasing him you wont be able to translocate if any of them are near.

You can also travel great distances with the translocator. This enables you to catch up with the ball carrier. Trying to throw the translocator at the ball carrier from behind isnt very effective, but does work well with attackers who havent got the ball. To successfully telefrag the ball carrier throw the translocator infront of the ball carrier and translocate when he is near.

You can also use the translocator to enable you to shoot down at the enemies.
When in battle shoot the tranclocator above your opponent, try to shoot it a little behind him also. Then translocate, switch to your weapon and hit him with a blast. Although this takes allot of practice it makes it easier for you and harder for him.

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