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 Bombing Run hints/tips

2) Defensive Weapons continued.

Using the Lightning gun for defending

This replaces the sniper rifle for the ranged weapon in UT2k3. Allot of people complained about the sniper rifle as you couldnt see where they were shooting from. This to me is the whole meaning about sniping, but then it is set in the future so I suppose the new gun isnt just to stop the whiners.

Finding decent spots for this weapon are plentiful in BR-Anubis, but lets concentrate on the goal mouth area. The main position is at the end of the goal room corridor.

be careful not to get shot by the same way from the other side.
Setup you aim here

Steady your aim.
Zoom in and steady your aim. Dont take too long as he will more than likely translocate.

wheres my head?
Headshots are an instant kill - body shots will allow the attacker to get away.

The weapon has an easy learning curve so it may be wise to use this to start off with. When in the zoom mode you have no idea of anything around you. This is a real downside to the weapon so dont zoom in until you can see someone. Another tip would be to keep zooming out and checking around you. When attacking I like to translocate behind the defenders which makes it easy for me when they dont check periodically.

If you want to keep in zoom mode the best way would be to position yourself around the inner hall. There are many places that you can hide and set yourself up. Dont forget that when you fire it will show the attackers where you are shooting from.

Find a good hiding place to snipe from
Find a good place to snipe from.

Thats gotta hurt
Positioned where the red circle is. Great spot for picking off attackers.

You can also use the Lightning Gun as a primary weapon without zooming. This also causes allot of damage but like the zoom feature takes a while to recharge.

submitted sniper tips

Submitted by ImJacksAmygdala
Snipers are usually a last defense when the goaly gets killed right away and the defenders are overrun. There are at least 3 spots where a sniper can kill the ball carrier all the way to the goal. I have killed players behind the middle column infront of the goal. Sit at the entrance of the courtyard on either side of the door, and on top of the ledge of the door. Use either the lightning gun or the shock. Missles take to long at that distance. I get more multi kills in this poisition than any other and it is very rewarding to be the one that killed 6 players inside the goal and prevented a score by yourself while the team is respawning. This is a form of camping but you are so vulnerable in these spots its rudiculous that it actually works. The runners and carrier are sooo focused on the goal entrance they don't even see you as they pass. Untill its too late.

Submitted by ImJacksAmygdala
Another tip, translocate in the dunes at the begining of the round and snipe them before they grab the ball. Stand in the door way at the top of the ramps. I found this to be really affective and annoying. Then go through the tunnel of which ever courtyard the ball went to. Don't stand in the entrace of the tunnel, move over to the statue and take position it provides better cover and you can nail them as they grab guns after spawning.

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