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 Bombing Run hints/tips

2) Defensive Weapons continued.

Using the Goo Gun for defending

This was a very underated weapon in Unreal Tournament and it seems again people are saying the same about it in UT2k3. What they dont realise is the defensive potential of this weapon in closed spaces.

Again this weapon is quickly available in the main hall. Although not as effective in my opinion as the destructive powers of the shock rifle, the primary fire can be quite a hazard to get past. Looking like the defender has had a bad case of the flu and sneezed a large clump of snot on the floor can alone be offputting enough to make the attacker turn around and vomit. Jokes apart though spreading the primary fire around the entrance of the goal mouth can seriously reduce the health of an attacker. When they explode they also do splash damage so jumping over them doesnt mean they wont get hit.

Get past the snot
Avoiding the snot can be difficult if the cold is bad enough.

The downside of this is that double jumping can get over these obsticles and only sustain little damage. If you track backwards while firing though the chances of a kill increase greatly.

Tracking backwards causes more damage.
No common cure for the snot gun.

Practice with one bot attacking until you can kill him before he reaches the top of the goal corridor.

Charging up the goo gun with the secondary fire will fire a huge blob of goo. This if shot on the floor will do allot of splash damage around it. If shot directly at the ball carrier it should kill him.


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