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 Bombing Run hints/tips

It can be a low scoring part to play if your team dominates in attack, but the benefits of your team having a good defence will show in the score.

One major thing to remember in Bombing Run when a player with the ball is attacking, he cant shoot you when he has the ball! Dont think to yourself that this means he wont shoot you as the first major tactic of Bombing Run for an advanced player is to shoot the ball straight at the defender. This way you wont be able to shoot and he will.

It can be quite funny watching two good players in a dual, when one is on attack and one is on defense. The ball gets passed between them backwards and forwards. In the end both players will just focus on taking the other one out. Someone else then comes and claims the ball :-)

You can see why this mod can be so addictive. The possibilities of tactics is vastly greater than in CTF.

The following tactics should help you understand which weapons to choose for defence and what positions are best to take up.


1) Respawning the ball from defence

This can greatly improve your sides chances of scoring if done correctly.

In bombing run you have the ability to respawn the ball by throwing it down the area around your goal as shown below.

The last thing you want to do is to run the ball out of defence if the attacking team are all over your base. By throwing the ball down into this area you will make the ball respawn at the centre of the map. This can give your team a small ammount of time to regroup or as indicated below, allow your team to havew the advantage in attack.

If you have allot of the opposing team attacking and you manage to get the ball you can change your teams predicament very quickly if you and your team are in the know. Throwing the ball in the respawn area around your goal will allow another teammate who is near the centre of the map to quickly pick up the ball and start attacking. Due to the other team just being on attack they should be caught short (hopefully ;-) ) leaving their base vunerable for attack. Less defenders makes it allot easier for the ball carrier to score.

To do this effectively first and most importantly you must have a key bound to tell your teammates that you have the ball in defence and they should make there way to the spawnpoint.

I would have a key bound somewhere close for you to press. You could have one of the voice commands bound to it also, here is an example.

I=speech 0 11 | teamsay ##Got ball - goto spawnpoint, ball respawning in 30 seconds## %L

Enter this in the user.ini file (see Keybind section for more info). This will basically do the voice menu command "area secure" and then teamsay that you have the ball and for them to goto the spawnpoint. The last %L will tell them where you are in the map. I have indicated 30 seconds, you may not want to put this as if you are under attack you willl want to get rid of the ball as fast as you can.

This trick worked for me quite well when my friend was defending and we were talking through Roger wilco. After he had defended the goal and got the ball he would tell me to go to the centre spawning area. When I got there I would tell him to respawn the ball and off I went.

You will tend to find that when an attacker enters the main hall allot of players will fire the ball near the goal mouth corridor. This is an ideal chance to take the ball and respawn it. Be warned though, if you forget about the attacker you will more than likely have just helped him move the ball closer to the goal as he will have translocated as soon as he shot the ball. If there arnt many of your teammates about, the best thing is to shoot the ball down the hall back to the centre as soon as you can. This will give you a little more time and give your teammates chance to get back. Again its a good idea to bind a key telling your teammates you need help and the base is uncovered.
If you can dispose of the attackers then hang around the goal and use your keybind to let your teammates know you are about to respawn the ball.

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