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This was a solo project for myself and to be honest I liked the finished version more than the CTF version I did. Everything seems to flow and look better. There was a hell of a lot of work put in though which suprised me. I thought it would just be a case of change this and change that but I redid some brushes and some of the map, added new textuers in amongst others. I am pretty pleased with the bots in this too.


File: DOM-Deck16]I[ (Nalicity)
Size: 711 kb
Date created: 24/02/2000
Readme: Click here





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Clip taken from Unreality

"The lack of high-quality domination maps ends here Red Dwarf, who had a hand in creating the amazing CTF-Deck16-3, has chosen to extend the remake of the infamous Deck-16 level to encompass the domination scene, and has come up with a successful transposition.

Arguably Red Dwarf’s best contribution to CTF-Deck16-3 was his polished bot pathnoding, and he puts on another display of genius here. They’re all over you like a gang of White House interns, and are familiar with where all the goodies like the Udamage are hidden.

There’s nothing really ground-breaking about DOM-Deck16-3, but hey, it’s a Deck map, right? And Deck maps emphasize flow connectivity above all else, something that Red Dwarf has successfully accomplished while spicing it up with pleasant visual treats. Now if only we could find more custom DOM servers!"