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You couldnt have a 4 team CTF mod without Face. This was a little tricky as everytime you rotated the brushes it would create large BSP errors. Also trying to get the middle section to join up without BSP was hard. Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome. I also fixed the BSP errors that was in the original.

You must download the mod to play these maps. You must also download and install the CTF4 texture mod.


File: CTF4-Face (Nalicity)
Size: 867 kb
Date created: 24/01/2000
Readme: Click here





Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
Image 7 Image 8 Image 9


Clip taken from Bag tha flag

"Bots, bots and more of em'
Ok, remember the CTF-Face bots? Well now they even better! They attack together the same base(well sometimes they separate). As I spotted they are more "complecsed" then in the 2 base version, I mean that defending your base is a little bit easier, now you see them running to your base but in 3-5 seconds they go back to base to recover your flag. Which is more difficult to attack the base. However I didn't see sniping bots on the roof of a base(I must have missed em').

Has anything changed?
About the map, I spotted that the map is somehow a bit smaller. The rocks(everything exept the bases) are a bit cut of which I think improved the overall framerates. Now the map's middle hasn't got the BigHealth pack but instead it has got a shieldbelt which is difficult to take(U can fall down). No weapons or there location been changed, but some ammo was added on the roof(1 sniper ammo box).

Textures and looks
All the textures were left the same exept the green and yellow bases, which are very nicely colored(really nice). Oh and I have to mention cool green and yellow flags too:)

Score: 95\100