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I worked on this map on and off for about 2-3 weeks, sometimes for spells of 6-8 hours.
I played around with the layout and design, added and moved the brushes, lighting, textures, items and weapons around until it felt right. Willhaven and Ultron also worked on this level and with Willhavens input it was always going to be a polished map.

Ultron and myself along with a few others did alot of testing. Myself and Ultron played around with ideas and tested until we felt it was going in the right direction. Then along came Willhaven and added a few of his own touches. One of them being the sniper ledge which I didnt like the idea of to start but after playing for a while loved it. The map in the last 2 weeks before release went back and forth between myself and Willhaven too many times to mention.

Hope you all enjoy playing it. 


File: CTF-Deck16]I[ (Nalicity)
Size: 973 kb
Date created: 01/24/2000
Readme: Click here





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Clip taken from nalicity

"Everyone knows DM-Deck16 and how it was tempting to make a CTF conversion of it...Well, it's exactly what Red_Dwarf, Ultron and Willhaven have done...and Succeeded !!!.
As the original level, the layout is quite simple but the whole level runs really fast, even with a lot of players and on a slow machine (a P200MMX Voodoo² is good enough). The new rooms are really well built and their design is really close to the original (I particularly like those with a fan and the curved corridor with barrels floating in an acid pool).
Weapon placement is perfect, the powerful items aren't too close one another and sniping point are really well located."


Score: 9 out of 10

Clip taken from UTCenter

"In reflection this map deserves a 9.5 out of 10 on my personal scale. The reason for not receiving a 10 is because of so many delays and there's one place on each base which looks like it was made to translocate to, but isn't large enough in height so it's just a long "slit" in the wall on each base. My last words for Red_Dwarf, Willhaven and Ultron is simply, encore!"

Score: 9.5 out of 10

Clip taken from Unreality

"This map has everything, and the superb layout lets you play it any which way you want. You can snipe shamelessly from above, go hand-to-hand with the minigun, or play Jumping Jack Flash and taunt the enemy while raining rockets on them from above. Everything has been polished to perfection, with the exception of the shieldbelt bug (picking it up after getting the toxin suit nullifies the toxin suit's slime-protective attributes). Easily an Epic-quality map, and my ultimate solution to dateless Friday nights."

Score: 95 out of 100

Clip taken from Capture

"Judging by the readme, Deck16]|[ has been extensively tested, not just by the mappers who worked on it, but by the people who would eventually play on it. In my opinion, this has paid off as the result is a map that feels as if anyone would have a great time playing on it.
This, as everyone probably knows, started off as an Epic map, and all credit to Myscha for creating the original DM version. However, the remix crew have done a great job of bringing Deck16][ into the world of CTF. You won't be disappointed with this version."

Score: 84 out of 100