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This all started off from a few guys talking on the old GT UT forum about a single point domination map. Face was the first map that someone made but it wasnt really different other than a domination point in one of the entrances.
So I got hold of the idea to modify a few official domination maps to support this new feature. Major Distaster then did a mod for UT where he changed a few things around and thus a great mod was born.

Took this map and reduced it by 50%, then added about 25% new bits to it to make it work well with the conquest mod. I like how it turned out as if you have played the assault version you will be familiar with it, but on the other hand there are allot of new routes so it makes it interesting to play.

You must download the mod to play this map. If you want to play the standard DOM version with one control point please download the DOM version from HERE


File: CNQ-Overlord (Nalicity)
File: DOM-Overlord (Nalicity)
Size: 1306 kb
Date created: 18/09/2000
Readme: Click here





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