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 Battlefield 1942

Round about February 2003 I got my hands on BF1942. At first it was a whole new experience with the different variety of classes, vehicles and weapons you could use. After a month of playing and sucking drastically at being an infantry I decided to get my old joystick out and blow the dust off it. I had used it in the past for flightsims but this was a whole new ball game. Up to 64 online players in a map and now I had the chance to prove my worth as a pilot.

At first it was hard to get used to the controls but I soon found that I had mastered these and noticed that my accuracy was improving. I then found out how to lead when tailing a plane, this lead to me being tagged as a cheater in many games as I was getting pretty good.

So I then fell upon a stat tracking site for Europe and noticed that I was ranked around the 800th place which I thought wasnt bad in the whole of Europe. A few weeks later and I was up in the top 20. Around this time "Road to Rome" the expansion came out for Battlefield 1942. I had the piloting skills and now the fast BF110 bomber. It wasnt long before I topped the Stats and claimed No1 BF1942 player for Europe.

Well I havent really had much to shout about in the online community as I have always been above average and nothing else. I was ok at UT, Pretty good at Tribes2 and finally BF1942 as a pilot I shone although I sucked at anything else :-). Finally I have now moved onto Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and seem to be ok at that too.

Anyhow, below are a few screenies I took in some of the good games I had. Also a link to BF Tracks, the excellent stat tracking site that I topped. I have also taken a few screenshots in there too as it may well not be around in a few years time and its always nice to have a reminder.

The only ingame scorecard screenshots I have taken are the ones I sent to DICE showing the unbalanced issues with the bomber in RTR.



Game 1
Game 2
Game 3


Track 1


No1 in March 2003


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