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 Running Information

Started to run again about 16 months ago for the 2001 Sheffield Marathon. Unfortunately I injured my ankle 2 days before the marathon. After consulting the doctor at the run I decided to take the chance. I managed to finish the marathon but have damaged my ankle more in the process. It took nearly 6-8 months to get to a stage where I could run again.

I now run about 4 times a week for training for this years Sheffield Marathon. I have had reacurring injuries which have stemmed from my ankle, but generally I seem to be ok.

Hopefully if my injuries stay away I will be attempting the LAMM challenge in Scotland. The event starts on June 15th and lasts for 2 days.

Sheffield Marathon 2001: Sheffield Marathon 2001 Start

Sheffield Marathon 2001 end
Info: Agony from start to finish due to my ankle problem, but I managed it in a time of 1:40:40 which wasnt too bad.
Sheffield Marathon 2002:

Sheffield Marathon 2002 nearly half way

Sheffield Marathon 2002 nearly half way - great picture dad

Sheffield Marathon 2002 medal shot


Finished in a time of 1:38:02
Placed: 342nd

Tried to keep up with someone who does sub 1:30:00 times, but the weather got to me after 5-6 miles. The day was very windy and chucked it down later on in the marathon.

I also had to sit on the side for 4 minutes as my heart problems kicked in :-( Luckily it didnt last a great deal of time. If I would have done the first half of the marathon as quick as I did the last half after the attack and wouldnt have to have sat down, I may have done it in less than 1:30:00 who knows......maybe next year.

Havent got any official photos this year :-( I did get a few from my parents who had their new digital camera. PLEASE dont give up the day job dad as your camera work stinks! :-)

Sheffield Marathon 2003:

info (no pictures this year):

Finished in a time of 1:43:20
Placed: 479th

Event held on June 1st.

I didnt do as well as last year
:-( this could have been due to the hot weather that we had on the day. I really hit a block at 10 miles and sort of let it go. Hopefully I will do better again next year. See the Sheffield Marathons main page here with the full results.

Low Alpine Mountain Marathon 2002 Fishished 46th in class D

I was very pleased with this first attempt of a very difficult event.

Took a fair amount of pictures so I have decided to have a seperate page here
Low Alpine Mountain Marathon 2003

Finished 72nd in Class D

Hard Work this year but at least it didnt rain this time. I thought last year was bad but this was even worse. The weather was really nice but you dont really want that type of weather when your running with a back pack on. Myself and my team mate (uncle) came in a respectable 72nd on the D course. This wasnt too bad to say I could hardly walk nevermind run the last half of the second day. See the full results here and the LAMMS main website here.

View the pictures here

Sheffield Marathon 2004

Half Way

Near End

Stadium End

Group Shot


Finished in a time of 1:44:ish
Placed: ??

I got the cold 2 days before, I took Sudafed the day before the run to decongest. Silly me didnt realise that your not supposed to take Sudafed when on Beta blockers. That night I was really ill and only had 4 hours sleep come the morning of the race.

It was one of the worse feelings I have experienced since starting running again. Lack of energy and the cold really made this the hardest one yet. A big thank you to my uncle though, I wanted to stop after only 2 miles :( if it wasnt for his encouragement I would not have finished.

Came in around 1hr 44mins which after everything that had happened I wanst too disapointed with.


LAMM 2004
Karimor 2004