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 Event Information

(clips taken from LAMM site)

The 2002 Lowe Alpine Mountain marathon took place between Aberfoyle and Brig O' Turk in the Scotish Highlands.

The appalling recent weather conditions have caused the cancellation of a number of rural events in this area. It has rained incessantly for weeks. As a result the hills are extremely wet and rivers are in speight. Yesterday afternoon Loch Katrine and Glen Finglas Reservoirs were overtopping by about 9". As a result the Black Water burst its banks and our Event Centre field flooded in several places.

 My experience

We covered over 40km over some of the wettest and boggy terrain in Britain. Over mountains and bogs and through streams and down cliffs.

I thought it would be a hard event but nothing prepared me for the weather as well. The first hill we climbed took everything out of your legs straight away. As if this wasnt bad enough having to climb up this very steep gradient it was also very slippery and boggy.
This was really what every mountian/hill was like.

Unfortunately for us we hit very bad mist to the second control point. When it cleared we found ourselves a long way away from the CP. We lost over 40 minutes here which was a bit of a downer for a while. In the end you just wanted to finish the event.

My team mate for this run had done the event previously and also had competed in 10 Kerrimor challenges. A wealth of experience in map reading which really helped us on some of the CP's as some were in hidden locations.

I was very pleased to finish as many dropped out and more changed their class on the last day to Novice which was the easiest of the 5 classes.

Results: Finished 46th overall in class D
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