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 Chinese Algae Eater - Sucking Loach
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Latin name: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
Sex(s): Unknown
Date of purchase: 25.02.2002
Size: 5cm
 Fish Information
Origin: India
Temperament: Peaceful when small - can be territorial when older.
Temperature range: 24-28ºC
Potential size:



6.0 - 8.3

Too hard to determine.
Care: Its is recommended not to remove the Algae if you get any in your tank as this is its main food source. It is also noted that it cannot live of this alone, it does need sinking Algae tablets too. Requires places that it can hide.

These fish tend to attack others of the same species so are best kept alone.
 My Information

Another interesting and entertaining fish! I could watch this chap for hours swimming up and down the face of the tank (and sticking to the sides with his mouth) and sometimes getting my Corys to join in.

He is a comic and is bloody greedy! I placed an algae tablet in the first time I got one and he ate most of it. He looked pregnant afterwards and looked very guilty that he had stuffed himself stupid :-)

He is always on the move and constantly cleaning algae. He is very friendly towards my Corys and follows one of them everywhere. I would say that he isn't very shy at all as he always seems to be in view, even when I approach.

I am really hoping that he doesn't become aggressive as this fish is a great addition to my tank.

Reasons for getting rid :

This fish grew and GREW!! He was my favorite fish, but I didnt want to have him in the tank any longer as I thought it cruel as he was getting too large for the tank.

It took one hell of a task to catch him as he was so big and strong and very very quick. When the fish shop put him in their 4 foot tank he looked lost with all the other big fish.

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