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 Tank Specifications
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Date of purchase: 11.02.2002
Size: 24 x 12 x 12
Capacity: 15 Gallons (US)
Light: Philips TLD 15/35 Watt tube
Heater: Interpet
Filters: Interpet IPF2 DUO - Fluval ?
Bed: Pea Gravel (1 - 6mm)

1 air pump with sponge tube
1 Large Volcanic rock
2 small Corel rocks
2 Plastic plants
1 Live plant growing on bogwood (name unknown)

 Tank Water Setup
Temperature: 26 ºC
pH: 7.2 tap - 7.5 tank
Hardness (DH): 7
Buffering Capacity (KH):


Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20-40
Water Changes: 15% - twice weekly
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Honey Gourami: Qty: 3
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I haven't had my tank long but have gained a hell of a lot of knowledge in keeping fishes. That said I probably know about 1% of what is needed. Still, saying that my fish are all healthy and I haven't experienced any problems so far.

(update) ahh well, didnt suppose it could last :-( Had all my Gouramis die on me and then a couple of Danio's and a couple of Neon Rainbows. I purchased another filter to make sure the water was extra clean but this didnt seem to solve the problem.
I purchased some eSHa 2000 bacterial medicine, but this didnt seem to solve the problem as a couple died in the process. I then noticed that my Nitrate was sky high, and presumed this may have been the problem. After 45% water changes every other day I brought the levels down and everything seems fine now....fingers crossed.