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 Tank Specifications
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Date of purchase: 30.03.2003
Size: 92 x 55 x 41
Capacity: 180 Litres
Light: The Multilux 92 cm 2 x 25 watts
Heater: Jewel 200W
Filters: Jewel Compact H - 4 litres Bio, 600 Litres p/hr
Bed: Pea Gravel (1 - 6mm)

1 Live plant growing on bogwood (name unknown)
3 rocks - petrified wood
1 large volcano rock
1 Plastic rock cave
1 plastic swap tree root

 Tank Water Setup
Temperature: 26 ºC
pH: 7.2 tap - 7.0 tank
Hardness (DH): 7
Buffering Capacity (KH):


Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 12.5
Water Changes: 10% - Once weekly
 Current Fish
Corydoras Jullii:
Synodontis Petricola: Qty: 2
Link to Information and pictures
Ottocinclus: Qty: 3
Link to Information and pictures
Bolivian Ram: Qty: 1
Link to Information and pictures
Cardinal Tetra: Qty: 10
Link to Information and pictures
Zebra Pleco: Qty: 1
Link to Information and pictures

New tank setup now. The old one was just too small and I decided to get a bigger tank so I could get slightly bigger fish.

At the moment I am having problems with Algae. My phosphates are very high and no matter how much treatment I add to the tank the phosphate and algae stay put.

When buying my fish I did a lot of searching through the Internet and reading up about them. Seeing if they were compatible with the next fish and also seeing what water quality they liked. Although its good to do this you can get bogged down by the sheer number of different suggestions and recommendations you get. In the end its you that has to make the decision. Don't buy on impulse as allot of shop keepers can overwhelm you and know that you are lacking in knowledge.
I had one try a fast one with me. I just told him I would read up about it and come back to buy it, if that was the case...It wasn't and I never went back.

Maintain and keep an eye on your water and you should have a healthy and attractive tank that you and your friends can enjoy.

See my old tank setup here