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 Dwarf Honey Gourami
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Qty: 0 - (Had 3 but all died after 5 weeks)
Latin name: Colisa sota
Sex(s): 2 males (I think) - 1 Female (I think)
Date of purchase: 23.03.2002
Size: 4.5cm
 Fish Information
Origin: Bangladesh
Temperament: Can be aggressive towards smaller fish.
Temperature range: 23 - 28ºC
Potential size:



6.0 - 7.8

Males are brightly coloured, while females are grey.
Care: Feed with flakes. Keep many fine leafed and floating plants in the tank. Regular water changes are recommended.
 My Information

I cant believe that all three died on me within the space of 2 days. I couldnt work out what was the problem as one day one fish would go and then the next. All my other fish are fine, I was told that these fish are very susceptible to water conditions. I regularly changed the water and monitored it.

Seem to keep themselves to themselves, just swim around picking at plants and bits of food.

I would say that these fish come from Jamaica as they are pretty chilled out and laid back :-)

Reasons for getting rid: Didnt get rid of these, they just passed away. All within 3 days of each other. I still dont know the reasons but I think it could have been Dropsy.
Other pictures: Which way did he go?