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KIMM 2004 - 21/11/2004
Sheffield Marathon 2004 - 02/05/2004
CTF-CoretClassic RELEASED!! - 01/05/2004

      Karrimor Mountain Marathon 2004
Date: 21/11/2004 

Its been a long time since the last post, a few things have happened since then.

Ran in the Sheffield Half Marathon, ran the Stroud Half Marathon and completed the KIMM 2004. Go to my profile page to look at the pictures or click on the links to go direct.

(May takes some days to update each run)

Played COD for a few months and got pretty good at TDM, but for the past few months I havent really played anything online. Purchased Half Life2 on Steam and am slightly disapointed as the game stutters like hell.

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      Sheffield Marathon 2004
Date: 02/05/2004 

Wow, two updates in nearly as many days, what is happening??

Did the Sheffield Marathon today, although I wish I hadnt. I got the cold 2 days before, I took Sudafed the day before the run to decongest. Silly me didnt realise that your not supposed to take Sudafed when on Beta blockers. That night I was really ill and only had 4 hours sleep come the morning of the race.

It was one of the worse feelings I have experienced since starting running again. Lack of energy and the cold really made this the hardest one yet. A big thank you to my uncle though, I wanted to stop after only 2 miles :( if it wasnt for his encouragement I would not have finished.

Came in around 1hr 44mins which after everything that had happened I wasn't too disapointed with.

See my running page here for more details and pictures.

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      CTF-CoretClassic Released
Date: 01/05/2004 

CTF-CoretClassic is now released!!


Only took a year and a half :) but I hope it has been worth the wait.

Download from Unreal PlayGround here (must be a registered user)

More links when I get mirrors and upload to some UT2k4 sites.

Just a big thank you to everyone who has helped in one way or another on this map.

Go to my CTF-CoretClassic page here to view more screenshots

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