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For those of you that may have come here to see links to the excellent British UK TV comedy show "Red Dwarf", sorry. I just used the name for my online nick when I started playing Unreal Tournament and it stuck. The website was created to put the maps that I worked on here for people to look at and download. It seems to have evolved into something far more than that now.

The website consists of funny pictures, wavs, games that I have mapped and played, utilities, desktop images which I did to teach myself webdesign. This has all been done with Dreamweaver 4 on a free website with no PSP, CGI, MYSQL, etc. As you can see you don't need to pay expensive fees per month to attain a great looking website. With good Javascripts, Design and web hosts for the bits my ISP Web server cant provide (without me paying a fee,) you can get professional results. Hopefully I have managed to keep the loading times down for those 56k users out there.

Hope you enjoy the site, if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Dont forget to sign my guestbook too ;-)


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